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Advertising Campaigns

Creating effective advertising campaigns and monitoring them may be one of your more important goals.

Knock Knock has the ability to track many simultaneous advertising campaigns. Whether you advertise with Google Addwords, other external web sites, emailings, etc., Knock Knock has a suite of software tools to monitor the effectiveness of these campaigns.

Suggested Advertising Campaign

Any Knock Knock customer can create, run and monitor all of their own campaigns without any help or input from Knock Knock. By using the Basic Business Package analytics, a customer is able to do this by themselves. Of course, Knock Knock is available for help and advice.

Two steps for setting up a basic Advertising Campaign:

  1. Set up your advertisement. Trackable advertisements can be either non-internet or internet based. These advertisements should direct the potential visitor to a specific target entry page. At this point, when a visitor reaches your website, they can be identified as having come from a specific advertisement.

  2. Monitor the visitors. Using Knock Knock's Basic Business package analytics, you can monitor the visitors that come from these specific advertisements. Knock Knock already has a specific suite of analytics applications to create and monitor these campaigns. If you want more customized reporting for any of these advertisement campaigns, then Knock Knock can help. We can develop customized analytic displays or reports that will automatically segment and track these specific visitors for levels of engagement, activation, etc. Whether you opt for the Basic Business Package functionality or customized analytic pages/reports, the goal is to determine how enagaged these visitors become and what percentage of them actually reach a goal(activation) page. You can do this yourself, or we can help you do it.

It is possible that you may want to have Knock Knock's help to run your first couple of advertising campaigns, and then decide to run them on your own as you become more familiar with the process.