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Customized Features

Knock Knock customers utilizing the Basic Business Package can add customized features to their packages. Developing new features will be priced by the hour, and once completed and applied to your application, no other costs are added and your monthly fees do not increase. Knock Knock can give a cost estimate for any customized features before proceeding with the development.

A Knock Knock customer may want a special analytic feature developed only for them. Knock Knock understands the value of customer privacy. Any features that Knock Knock develops specially for a customer would not be shared without the customer's consent.

These features would fall into two categories:

  1. Features that are automatically generated: Knock Knock's intention is to develop these new features in such a way that they are incorporated into your existing analytics displays and are likewise updated in an automatic continuous manner. The monthly fees for these would not increase.

  2. Features that involve continuing personal Knock Knock analysis: If the customer wishes personal Knock Knock interaction and analysis, on a continuing basis, to be part of this developed feature, then this continuing interaction will be priced by the hour. The reporting time interval for these features would be set at a predetermined time interval, i.e. weekly, monthly, etc. This analysis might include an interpretation of visitor interactions, trends, web site behavior, etc.