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The REAN model - Reach, Engage, Activate and Nurture

REAN is a marketing acronym first coined by Xavier Blanc in 2006 while working for a Finnish digital marketing agency. It was further developed by Steve Jackson for web analytics. The information on this page is offered as a resource to our customers for a better understanding of how to use Knock Knock analytic information. REAN can be used for measuring business website statistics. It gives well defined and concrete terms that can be measured and acted on. Good web site marketing strategies can be developed using the REAN principles.

  • Reach
  • defines the methods you use to attract people to your promotions. What is the best source of traffic by volume or cost.
  • Engage
  • is how people interact with your web site. What processes they complete or abandon, and how long they stay with you.
  • Activate
  • means a visitor has taken an action, i.e. maybe a purchase, sign-up, etc.
  • Nurture
  • describes the method of retaining and re-engaging with customers who have already taken an action.

Reach. There are a number of ways you can reach out to customers that are measurable. Search keywords in Google, Pay Per Click, links on other web sites, email promotions, newspaper promotions, flyers, etc. All of these are measurable with web analytics. Each one can have a specific entry page or key id associated with it and can be tracked individually.

Engage. Engagement involves the tracking of visitors once they enter your website. You might think of this as a funneling process to direct visitors to a goal page or action. There are different measurements for engagement such as Click-depth, the number of pages a visitor will select, and Duration, the length of time on your website.

Activation. Activation occurs when a visitor acts in the manner you desired. This could be making a purchase, filling in a form for more information, signing up for an emailing list, reaching a goal page, etc.

Nurture. This occurs after an Activation has happened. This might be newsletters, emailing lists for special promotions, community membership, etc.

REAN and Knock Knock Analytics

What is included in Knock Knock's Basic Business package

Reach. Knock Knock has many "built-in" Reach sources.

  • Search Engines.

  • Any internet search engines, which bring a visitor to your website, are noted and the search key words are captured.
  • External Referring Links.

  • If an external referring link click sends a visitor to your website then information about this external referrer is captured.
  • Email inboxes.

  • If your website is accessed from an email inbox, as maybe part of an emailing campaign, then this email referrer is captured.
All of these Reach sources are captured and available through the Knock Knock Basic Business package.

Engagement. This is based on visitor behavior. Knock Knock has many pages which will allow you determine Engagement. In fact, just about all of the Knock Knock pages are a measure of one form of Engagement or another. These pages can be perused with a combination of "common sense" and "your knowledge of what a visitor to your site would do to complete one of your business objectives".

Activation. If a visitor reaches one of your "goal" pages or events, then your activation criteria has been satisfied. The Knock Knock analytic page of PagePopularity would let you see how many visitors reached your goal page or event. The analytic page of Visit Details would show the Engagement process toward this page.

Nuture. Things you do, that nuture your customer, are very important. Nuturing events help your customer feel appreciated while at the same time promote your business. Whenever you perform a Nurturing event, you should then pay close attention to the Knock Knock analytic pages which might indicate a resurgence of interested visitors to your site. These Nurturing events can also serve as an additional source of REAN measurements.