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Entry & Exit Pages

The tracking of entry and exit pages gives an abundance of information on how visitors use your website. This information is important for general traffic as well as for organizing advertising campaigns. The Knock Knock analytic page labeled as Page Popularity identifies entry and exit pages.

In General - Entry Pages

Whether a visitor is typing your address into the browser, or clicking on a link from an external referrer, it is always important for a business to track the number of customers entering their site through its main home page. However, many external referrers, or search engines, will send visitors to your site through an entry page other than the main page. These links may come from websites that you were not aware of, or unexpected search words. By tracking these entry pages and the referring sites the visitors came from, your business will have better information for determining a market you may not have known previously existed.

In General - Exit Pages

Tracking exit pages allows you to determine if there is a specific page that loses more visitors from your site than others. If there is a high number of exits from a particular page, especially if this is a main content page, then action may need to be taken.

Advertising Campaigns

For an advertising campaign, the target entry and exit pages define the beginning and ending points of that campaign. To measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, you need to identity the visitors that are entering on your target entry page. Then you need to measure their progess toward your target exit page. In between these entry and exit pages the progress is called engagement, and the amount of engagement determines the effectiveness of that campaign.