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Why Should You Choose Knock Knock as Your Analytics Vender

Knock Knock Web Analytics delivers quality analytics at an affordable price. It is designed for the small business and the small business budget.

Pricing of typical web analytic software currently on the market is very expensive and the data is difficult to understand. While large companies can afford to dedicate people only to understanding and sorting through volumes of analytic information, we understand that for a small business this is not feasible. In developing the Knock Knock analytic software, we were determined to offer something that is both useful and easy to understand.

We have been involved with other small businesses in the past which depended heavily on web site traffic. We know what we would want to see in web site analytics and what is important. This is what we present in our analytic displays.

The basic business package is complete in itself, and will allow any business to gain clarity on the visitors entering their website, tracking the visitors through all pages they visit, capturing all external referrers, all entries from email inboxes, all search engines including the search keywords, showing how the pages compare by page popularity, location of visitors, etc. See a description of our basic business package analytic pages.

As you work with our consultants during the growth of your business, new features will become apparent by the experience you have gained through the analytic data you have gathered to that point. Developing new features will be priced by the hour, and once completed and applied to your application, no other costs are added and your monthly fees do not increase.

Every small business needs to advertise to grow, but what is the best use of these advertising dollars? With good analytic software it is easy to determine if the dollars spent lead to an increase in customers. Any advertising campaign sending visitors to your website can be tracked and evaluated.